Wednesday, July 28, 2010

May 10, 2010

We had a wonderful time at our annual Field Day on Friday, May 7. All students participated in at least one event. Our Wellness Committee distributed water bottles to all students to encourage them to stay hydrated and healthy. Mrs. Donna West did an outstanding job of organizing our field day and we commend her for doing such a fine job. A special thanks is extended to the many parents and other volunteers who assisted in so many ways with our Field Day. In addition, thanks is extended to parents who assissted the Wellness Committee in filling and distributing the water bottles. We could not do all of the things we do here at Vaughan without out your help!

This week marks the start of End-of-Grade Tests. Fifth grade students will take their Science EOG test on Thursday morning. Parents, it is imperitive that students get a good night's rest before the test and arrive at school on time on Thursday morning. Friday afternoon, Vaughan will hold an EOG Pep Rally to encourage our students to “Rock the Test!” We are looking forward to this time to get “pepped up.”

Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Watson's Pre-K students will have their annual May Day and parent luncheon on Friday. We look forward to seeing the parents of our “baby eagles” on this day!

Next week, third, fourth and fifth grades students will take their Reading and Math End-of-Grade Tests. As with the Science EOG Test, it is crucial that students attend each day and are on time for each day of the tests. It is also important that students get a good night's rest the night before the test. Students will need to get a good breakfast so they can be focused on their test, not hunger. We would like to encourage parents to keep up as much of a routine during these three days as possible, so that students are not distracted with other issues. We want the best for your children, just like you do. Thank you for your help in making your children as successful as possible during this stressful time for them.

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