Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to a New Year!! - September 3, 2009

Welcome back students and parents. Our school-year opening has been outstanding. Students and staff are doing a great job of getting "back in the groove." Parents, thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do to make our school year a huge success. There are just a few reminders: Please remember the school uniform dress code policy. For our school, top colors are: white, light blue, black or burgundy. Bottoms should be black, navy or khaki, belts must be solid black, brown, white or navy, and shoes must be solid white, black or brown. Light jackets that can be worn in school must be solid in color and can be white, light blue, navy, black, khaki or burgundy. Parents, please be sure your child is in compliance.

Our school would like to welcome a new principal, Renee Mizelle. While she is new to the position, we are all familiar with her as she previously served as our Reading Specialist. We would also like to welcome Deborah Foster to our school. Ms. Foster has many years of experience in education and will be serving as kindergarten teacher here at Vaughan. We are glad to have you both here and in your new positions.

Vaughan will be hosting our annual School-wide Accountability meeting on Thursday night, September 3 beginning at 6 p. m. with a hot dog supper provided for students and parents. The fifth grade meeting about Sound-to-Sea will begin at 6:30 p. m. and then the school wide information session will begin at 7 p. m. in the multi-purpose room. Individual grade level meetings will begin shortly afterward. Information that will be presented will include: Attendance Policies and Regulations, School-Wide Discipline Procedures, Daily Schedules and much more. Please be sure to join us for this very important informational meeting.

We are also excited about some new changes to the look of parts of our school. Last year, the Warren Education Fund awarded a grant entitled "Wild About Books" which allowed our media center to become a cozier, more welcoming space. Last school year a wall mural, rug and large stuffed animals made their may into the media center. A unit of study was completed on award winning illustrators. Then a school-wide contest was held with students entering a drawing of their favorite book. Winners were selected and students re-drew their artwork on canvas squares. Over the summer, these canvas squares were incorporated into valances. These have now been hung in the media center allowing us to have a student art gallery, as well as a polished look to our media center. Mrs. Paynter invites parents, students and anyone who would like to view them to stop by during the Accountability night. A very special thanks is again extended to the Warren Education Fund for making this possible with their mini-grant.

In just over a week, we will welcome our newest "baby eagles" to our campus. Pre-Kindergarten will begin with a staggered-start on September 8 and 9. Welcome baby eagles! We look forward to seeing you on our campus as you embark on your educational journey with us.

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  1. So glad to see the book valances that show the student's artwork. This is a great photo.

    So I say, each time parents, grandparents, friends or family visit the school, stop by the Media Center and see how cozy and more friendly it is with the valances.

    Great job kids and Mrs. Paynter.