Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 14, 2009

It doesn't take long for things to get really busy here at Vaughan. Students and teachers are already well into their routines for this school year. On Monday, September 14, Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Watson with our Pre-K students hosted “Graham Crackers with Grandparents”. Over half of our Pre-K class had a grandparent come to share a special breakfast with them at school, both in honor of Grandparents Day which was September 13, and to share information with the grandparents on how they can help their grandchildren in their educational journey. Grandparents, thank you for coming out. We know that you do many things to help our youngest students. Thank you for all you do to help both your grandchildren and our school!

We held our annual fund-raising kick-off on Monday afternoon. Thank you in advance to all of our supporters in the Vaughan community as well friends and family members that will support us by ordering products from students. Without your help and support, we could not do many of the things we do at Vaughan School.

This morning our Fifth grade students will be leaving for their annual Sound-to-Sea field trip. Almost fifty students and chaperons will spend three days in an environmental education program at Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC. We look forward to hearing what the students will learn and experience while they are away from us.

Last Friday, September 11, our student body participated in “Fight the Flu Friday”. This day was set aside to learn simple techniques to help our students stay as healthy as possible with viruses and colds running rampant already. Students were taught to cough or sneeze into their elbow instead of their hands where germs can easily be spread. Students were also taught the importance of washing their hands as often as possible. Parents, thank you for encouraging these same habits at home. As a reminder, students who run a fever should not come to school for 24 hours after they no longer have fever, without using fever reducing drugs. If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, they will be sent home. Thank you for your help in this effort at keeping our entire student body as healthy as possible. Thanks for all you do to help us continue to make Vaughan Elementary School a school where students are Valued and Empowered with the skills to Succeed in the 21st Century!

Upcoming Events
September 16, 2009 Early Release Day
September 23, 2009 Progress Reports Sent Home
September 23, 2009 Early Release Day
September 25, 2009 Picture Day – Students MUST wear school uniforms.

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