Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First District EBOB Competitions- May 7, 2015

*This post also appeared in The Warren Record Newspaper* Warren County Schools held its first annual District Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB) Competition on April 25, 2015 at Warren County Middle School in the multi-purpose room. The district competition is the culminating activity for a year- long reading program that is designed to encourage reading for students in the fourth and fifth grades. The North Carolina State Library Media Association EBOB Committee releases a list of eighteen books that represent quality literature of varying viewpoints and literary styles by outstanding authors of literature for young adults. Participating students ' gain knowledge of a broad range of topics, vary their choices of reading materials, improve reading skills, and enjoy the excitement and fun of competition. The program's history can be traced back to a similar type of program initiated by Ruth Harshaw in the 1940's on a public radio program. Congratulations is extended to the students of Mariam Boyd Elementary School's team who won first place. They are: Logan Bowen, Nakira Bullock, Jada Daniels, Chase Davis, Lea Fraiser, Justin Harris, Destiny Henderson, Gerard Hyman, Everton James, George Joseph, Justyce Juliano, Savannah Oswald, Mckenzie Robinson, Kiara Watson, and Demetrius Bullock. Congratulations is also extended to the students on the Vaughan Elementary School team who came in second. They are: Dameon Bailey, Steven Brame, Raheim Cooper, Harley Daeke, Janet Medina, Carson Minter, Dais Minter, Josiah Paynter, Kara Richardson, Kelsey Wester, Taylor Wells, Cristian Williams, and De'Asia Williams. All of the elementary school teams are already reading to prepare for next year's program. The program was a great success. Trina Paynter, Vaughan Elementary's Media Coordinator and the District Competition Coordinator would like to extend a very special thank you to Cheryl Sebrell, who served as the moderator, Barbara Brayboy and Harriet Faulkner who served as judges, Marion Barnes who served as scorekeeper, Takiera Mayo, who served as the assistant scorekeeper, Cecilia Luna, who served as timekeeper, Asia Baskerville and Mary Mach, who served as ushers, Jamar Perry, who served as the District Contact to receive questions, and Patsy Tucker for assisting with set up and serving of refreshments. There would not have been a competition without your willingness to serve! This year, the program was funded by a grant from the Warren Education Fund. The grant paid for a copy of each of the eighteen books on the NCEBOB list for each of the four elementary schools, polo shirts for participating students to wear for competition and to school, trophies and medals, and refreshments at the district competition. The total ongoing cost to continue to fund this program for each school is approximately $900 per elementary school. Each participating elementary school is seeking donors to assist with sponsoring the program at their school. If you are interested in donating, please contact the Media Coordinator at the school you would like to sponsor for more information.

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